P R E - O R D E R   G I F T

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** FYI: Walmart will have a special signed edition of the book that will have a chapter annotated by me. I'll add the link to the edition when it pops up online.

Hi guys! I'm so excited to share the pre-order gift for THE DARKEST LEGACY! If you order a copy of the book by July 11, 2018, you'll receive a pin with the design just to the left there. ⬅️⬅️⬅️ (I'll be updating it with an image of the real thing when they come in, so stay tuned!)


⚡️ You must provide proof of purchase and attach a screenshot or photo/scan of your receipt.

⚡️ You can purchase the book or e-book through ANY retailer, US/Canadian or international.

⚡️ If you are ordering for multiple people, please submit those preorders individually so I don't miss them.

⚡️ Only 150 pins will be available for international readers (I'm doing the shipping myself and wooo boy, you guys know what shipping costs these days.) After that quantity is gone, I'll switch the international giveaway over to signed bookplates and another TBD goodie. Thank you for understanding! 💗 It will be noted on this page when this option is gone. 

⚡️ Pins are available while supplies last! I will reserve a few for giveaways for those who cannot pre-order the book, I promise. 


Once again, I'll be partnering with Good Choice Reading for a virtual signing! Here's the deal: this is a great option for those of you who are looking for a book that's signed specifically to you! I honor special inscription requests, too, so don't be shy about asking if there's a quote you love or want to send a message to a friend.

Better yet, GCR is hosting a cool, DARKEST MINDS series-themed box that includes the signed copy of the book! This box will have the enamel Zu pin, stickers, an art print, and more! Click here to order yours today!


⚡️ Please note: if you pre-order a copy through GCR you will automatically receive the pin with your signed copy and you should NOT submit your receipt in the form below! ⚡️